They distribute drugs between the regions of Al Choueifat and Al Mkalles, and the Information Department arrests them in red hands.

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department has published the following notification :

In the framework of permanent tracking of the Information department of the ISF, in order to fight against operations of drugs distribution and its abuse over all the Lebanese territories, this department patrols have intensified the field measures where abounded  these operations, with the goal of arresting the distributors and in order to reduce the inflation of this fleece in the society.

And as a result of the inquiries carried out by the concerned units of this department, it arrived to identify the distributors who are active within many regions of the district of mount of Lebanon, and they are :

M.F born on 1991 lebanese

AA.H born on 2002 lebanese

On 15-6-2020, and further delicate tracking operations , a patrol of the department has succeeded to arrest them on red hands in the region of Al Mkalles, during they were distributing drugs on board of a motorcycle.

By inspecting them, we have found in their possession a black bag which contains a quantity of drugs prepared to by distributed :

22 envelops with baz cocain , in each one it exists a quantity that weighs between 6.0 and 5,1 g

41 envelops of cocaine, each one weighs around 5,1 g

240 g of hachich

8 doping pills of donoxia

By hearing them confessed having distributed drugs to a very big number of clients in the regions of Al Choueifat, and Al Mkalles.

We have taken the right legal measures against them, and they have been conducted to the concerned judiciary upon the request of the competent authorities.

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