They peddled narcotic drugs in Sabra Camp, and the Information Division arrested them red-handed and seized a quantity of them.

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department, has published the following notification :


In the framework of the following up work carried out by the ISF Units in order to reduce the operations of traffic and distribution of drugs in many Lebanese regions , information were collected about unknown persons who distribute drugs in the camp of Sabra .

Therefore, the specialized units in the Information Department have started their field measures in order to localize and to arrest them. And further investigations and inquiries, , it has succeeded to identify them and they are :

GH. HH (born on 1998, Syrian ) he has previous convictions for crime of drugs

H. AA (born on 2002, Syrian )


On 25-5-2024, and further a work of tracking, one of the patrol has arrested them in red hands on board of a motorcycle that was seized.

By inspecting them, with the motorcycle, we have found:


22 bags with hashish and it weighs 345 g

7 envelopes with marijuana and it weighs 50, 7 g

4 envelopes with keptagone drops and it weighs 49,9 g

10 envelopes with 97 drops of Tromadol

4 envelopes with 38 drops of Tromadol Hafarma

49 of doping substance of “lacha “ type

A cellular phone and a sum of money.


By hearing them, they have confessed what it was alleged to them, and that they are working for the benefit of  some drug’s merchant for 10 dollars by day, and the money which was seized with them is the fruit of the distribution operations.

We have taken the right legal measures against them, and they have been conducted with the seized object to the concerned authorities. 

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