One of those wanted by the judiciary was arrested by the Information Division and a quantity of drugs was found in his possession

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department, has published the following notification :


In the framework of the following up work carried out by the specialized units in the ISF , in order to pursue and to arrest the wanted persons by the authorities  , in many Lebanese regions, and further a tracking work applied by the Information Department, it has succeeded to localize one of them in the village of Al Nabatieh, and he is named :

M. A (born on 1998, Syrian )

Further a delicate work of tracking and searching, one of the patrol of the Information Department arrived to arrest him in the locality of Al Nabatieh and it seized in his possession 60 drops of Keptagone and a quantity of  hashish.

The arrested person has been conducted to the concerned unit in order to take the right legal measures against him.

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