The Information Division arrested four suspects in Kafarhazir - Koura on a tuk-tuk and seized weapons and narcotic materials in their possession.

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department, has published the following notification :

Further tracking operations carried out by the patrols of the Information Department in the ISF, one of it  has succeeded to suspect 4 persons, on 28-5-2024, who were moving by means of a red “tok tok “ without plate in the village of Kfarhazir-Al Koura, and it worked in order to arrest them , and they are :

AA- J (born on 1992 Lebanese) it exists against him a summary of judgment for the crime of drug

M-AA (born on 2002 unknown identity)

M- S (born on 1993 Syrian) , it exists against him a warrant of arrest for the crime of theft

We have seized the gun with its charger and 4 shoots, a pistol Bombe action with 4 shoots, a knife with six-pressure buttons, a quantity of hashish, and a sum of money.

We have conducted the arrested persons to the concerned unit in order to take the judicial measures against them , upon the request of the right authorities.

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