The Nabatieh Judicial Detachment arrested a person wanted by the judiciary for the crime of blackmailing and threatening a woman.

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department has published the following notification:


In the framework of the following up work carried out by the ISF in order to tracking the involved persons in all kind of crimes all over   the Lebanese territories and to arrest them,

 and further the tracking operations, a Force of the Judicial Brigade of Nabatiyeh in the Judicial Police has succeeded to arrest one o the involved people by virtue of a notice of search for crime of blackmail of a woman and threating her.

He has been conducted to the concerned unit to do the necessary against him.

In this context, the ISF urge the citizens to not hesitate to notify about the cases of blackmails or threat, or sexual harassment and especially the acts that concern women and minors, to prevent the criminal of repeating his crime against other victims.

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