He brings from outside of Lebanon a substance that he uses for the drugs abuse and the Information Department arrests him in Sahel Alma, in red hands while he was distributing drugs and the Department has seized a quantity of the previously mentioned substance and other dopant substances.


The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department, has published the following notification:

In the framework of the daily follow up carried out by the Information Department in the ISF in order to fight against the traffic and distribution of drugs in many Lebanese regions, and as a result of the continuous inquiries efforts accomplished by the concerned units in the Department, we arrived to identify the distributor who is active in many regions in the Mount of Lebanon , and he is named :

K. H born on 1978, Lebanese, and he is wanted by the authorities by virtu of a notice of search for crime of drugs distribution.

Following a tracking operations, the patrols of this Department has arrived to arrest him, in red hands, and he was distributing drugs in Sahel

Alma , on board of a 4 by 4 car, named Land Rover.

By inspecting the car, we have seized a substance G And an envelop with pills, two telephones and a sum of money.

By inspecting his house, in Sahel Alma, we have discovered the following:

3 envelop with Cristal Mith weighting 2.5g

An envelop with hashish weighting 3 g

4 envelop with lactol

An envelop with cipralex

one plastic piece used for drugs abusing, and a sum of money, and a telephone.

By interrogating him, he confessed what was alleged to him, and that he was trafficking and distributing drugs, especially G substance- a liquid substance used for washing the tires of cars to many of clients, and he w2as entering it to Lebanon from Spain, and he was renting pieces in many hotels to facilitating the distribution operations. Also, he confessed that he is abusing drugs fabricated Cristal Mith .

We took the legal measures against him, and he was conducted with the seized objects to the concerned party, further the request of the right authorities.   

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