France honors Major General Imad Osman and decorates him by the medal of honor .

The French Ambassador in Lebanon Mrs. Anne Grillo , has honored on behalf of the French President Emmanuel Macron, the General Director of the ISF, Major General Imad Osman , and has decorated him by the medal of honor which is one of the most prestigious French  medals .

The ceremony occurred on the evening of Thursday 24-6-2021 in the Residence of the Ambassador, in the Palace of Pines, and in the presence of Major General Imad Osman and his family, the commanders of units in the ISF , the Chief of Information Department , and the Chief of Secretariat of the G.D . And from the French side, were present the Attaché of Internal Security in the Embassy, the commissioner Fabrice Grossir and a number of high ranked employees at the Embassy. 

And during the ceremony, the Ambassador has pronounced a speech and highlighted the important role of the ISF, under the commandment of Major General Imad Osman, in the fight against terrorism, and she mentioned that this honoring is the best indicator of the friendly relationship between the two countries.

Further decorating Major General Osman by the medal of honor, he gave a speech and he thanked the French Ambassador Anne Grillo and the French state for this honoring that he considerate not only for his person, but for the ISF , in its different units , officers and elements , and the martyrs that died in the altar  of homeland . He added that the hall world knows, sees and touches the level of the strong relationship between Lebanon and France, and the history is a witness for this. This relationship is being very strong between the two nations before taking place between the two states and their institutions.

And the tied cooperation between the different French and Lebanese institutions has a big impact for the interest of the two countries.

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