In less than two hours, the Information Department arrests the persons who perpetrated the crime of Marjahin /Al Hermel.

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department, has published the following notification:

On 19-5-2020, in the region of Marjahin, fields of Al Hermel, we discovered HN, born  on 1991, attacked by several اhooks by means of a sharp tool in his face and his neck , and in different places of his body and he is in a coma. His health situation is very critical, and he was transported to one of the hospitals for treatment.

Immediately, the Information Department has started its field measures, and further an intensive work of follow up, it arrived to identify the criminals, and to arrest them in less than two hours after the accident, while they were trying to flee to the north on board of a minibus for transportation of passengers.

They are named:

M. N born on 1991, Lebanese

A. A born on 1991 Lebanese.

It appears that they have previous convictions for crime of drugs abuse, theft, and attempt of killing , and shooting fire.

By hearing them, they confessed that they have induced HN to the region of Marjahin, and he has been stabbed in order to kill him further material differences because of drugs.

They have been conducted to the concerned unit, in order to take the right measures against them upon the request of the competent authorities.  

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