A crook who uses impersonation of a security identities and makes the citizens believe that they are subject of traffic tickets for their violation of the circulation law, in order to take their money, that leads to his arrest by the Information Department.


The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department has published the following notification :

There were recently money fraudulent operations in many regions of the district of Mount of Lebanon, and especially in the region of Al Metn, carried out by an unknown person who uses impersonation of a security identity , and various citizens have been fall victims of his acts.

Immediately, the concerned units of the Information Department of the ISF has started their investigations in order to arrest him.

And further intensive inquiries, we arrived to identify him, and he is named :

A.B born on 1979 lebanese and he is prosecuted by virtue of a notice of search for crime of fraud.

On 7-5-2020, and further tracking him, one of the concerned units of the Information Department of the ISF , has arrived to arrest him, in the town of Jisr Borj Hammoud, on board of a BM car, of metallic colour, used by him in his operations.

By inspecting him and the car, we found a sum of    800000   LL and 2 mobiles phones.

After hearing him, he confessed that he has accomplished about 8 fraudulent operations by impersonating a  security identity, and by making them believe that it exists against them traffic tickets for violating the circulation code.

In addition, of executing 11 operations which have failed.

We have taken the legal measures against him.

The Directorate General of the ISF, warns the esteemed citizens to not be fall victims of some persons who uses the impersonation of a  security identity in order to take over their money by taking as argument the existence of a traffic tickets against him for their violation of circulation law,  and asks them in case they want to be sure, to be present in the concerned units in this directorate general , in order to take the right measures.

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