"PIPPO" In the grip of the regional drug control office in Sidon


The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department has published the following notification :

Information were collected by the regional bureau of the fight against drugs in Sidon, about a person who is wanted by the competent authorities and who is staying in a hotel in Tabbarja. With the coordination of the central bureau of fight against drugs in the judicial police, he has been arrested , and he is named :

A.D 1976, libanais, alias pippo

It appears that it exists against him 7 notices and judicial judgments for crime of distribution and traffic of drugs, transport of a military gun, and resistance of men of authorities.

By inspecting him, we found out in his possession:

10g of cocaine

A military gun colt, and handcuffs

A sum of /16،450،000/  l. l.  and 4670$ (the result of selling the drugs)

The inquiries are in process by the competent authorities.

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