The Curriculum Vitae of the Director-General of the Internal Security Forces Major General Imad OSMAN

•    Born in 1965, Al Zaarouriyeh – Al Chouf.
•    Married to Mrs. Mouna Nasser Edine, with two children.
•    Enrolled in the Military School on 09/01/1984, graduated as a Lieutenant
     on 01/08/1986.
•    Promoted till reaching the rank of Major General on 08/03/2017, and
     appointed as the Director-General of the ISF.

Positions he occupied during his years of service:

•    1987 – 1989: Served in various ISF centers (Regional Sections – Traffic
      Brigades – Emergency Brigades – Prisons’ Security – Training at the
      ISF Institute).
•    1993: Joined the Governmental Presidency’s Guards Company, as the
      commander of the Prime Minister’s Escort Section.
•    2004: Deputy of the head of the Research and Study Division at the ISF
•    2005: Served as the director of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities’
•    2008: Served as the head of the Beirut Information Bureau at the
     Information Department.
•    2009: Served as the commander of the Governmental Presidency’s Guards
      Company during the reign of Prime Minister Saad Rafic Al Hariri.
•    2012: Served as the head of the Special Criminal Investigations Division at
     the Judicial Police Unit.
•    2012: Served as the Commander of the Information Department.


Participated in many sessions and conferences inside and outside Lebanon, in various fields, under which he received several certificates most notably being in the field of counter intelligence, confronting and fighting against terrorist crimes, VIP security and protection, crisis management to mitigate the effects of terrorist activities, the fight against cyber crimes … etc

Languages :French and English.


medals and decorations:

•    Medals of the dawn of the south and the national unity.
•    Medal  of National Cedar rank of Knight - Officer.
•    Medal of Lebanese Merit (2nd, 3rd Degree).
•    Medal of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.
•    Medal of the Internal Security.
•    Medal of  Merit.
•    The legion of honor.

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