Decree No. 1157

Lebanese Republic
Decree No. 1157
Determine the structural organization of the Internal Security Forces

The President of the Republic.

Based on the Constitution.
Based on Law No. 17 date 6/9/1990 (organizing internal security forces) in particular Article 7th of it.
At the suggestion of Interior Minister.
The opinion poll Command Council in the internal security forces. After consulting the State Consultative Council (Opinion No. 49, dated 20 Feb. 1991).

After approval by the Council of Ministers at its meeting on 20/3/1991.

Decides that:

Part One
The General Organization of the structural  of internal security forces

Chapter 1

The command of the internal security forces

Article 1:
The following words mean, wherever contained in this Decree as mentioned against each of them:
- Minister: Minister of the Interior.
- Director General: Director General of Internal Security Forces.
- Inspector General: Inspector General of Internal Security Forces.
- General Directorate: Directorate General of Internal Security Forces.
- Inspection General: General Inspectorate of the Internal Security Forces
- Police: regional police.
- Structure: security service departments, embassies and public institutions.
- Institute: Institute of Internal Security Forces.
- Units: the different units and formations of the internal security forces.
- Regulation Act Security Forces: Law No. 17 of 6 / 9 / 1990 (organizing internal security forces).

Article 2: Command of the Internal Security Forces:
The structural  of command in internal security forces, as stipulated in Article 5 of the Act of regulating internal security forces are:
- The Directorate General of the Director General and Chief of Staff and the central administration.
- General Inspection.  
- Regional police command.  
- Walking force command.  
- Police headquarters in Beirut.
- The command of the judicial police.
- Command Security Service embassies, departments and public institutions.
- Command Institute of Internal Security Forces.
- Presidency of social services.
- Command Council.

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