Law 17

Interior Security forces organizing law

First part

General organization of interior security forces

First section

Organizing of interior security forces

First chapter

Definition of interior security forces and determining the duties thereof

Article first: the interior security forces are general armed forces, and its authorities incorporating all the Lebanese lands as well as the territorial waters and airs thereof, its duties are including but not limited to:

  1. in the field of administrational supervision unit:
  • Preserving order and security support.
  • Providing communal peace.
  • Protecting publics and properties. 
  • Preserving freedoms within the law.
  • Implementing law and other related decrees. 
  1. In the field of jurisdictional supervision unit:
  • Performing the duties of jurisdictional supervision unit.
  • Executing juridical assignments and writs.
  • Implementing judgments and legal orders.
  1. In the other fields:
  • Supporting general authorities in performing the duties thereof.
  • Guarding decided by the competent authorities, of institutions and public organizations.
  • Guarding prisons and managing the same when required. 
  • Protecting the diplomatic missions in Lebanon.

Article second: the interior security forces are subject to the authority of the ministry of interior, and shall abide by the military laws and regulations, unless the exclusions defined by other laws and regulations. 

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