ISF Complaint System


1- Why an ISF Complaint System

- No existence of a unified complaint system in ISF.

- ISF commitment to implement its strategic plan.

- A feature of an effective accountability mechanism .

- Enforce the implementation of the ISF code of conduct.        

- Adherence to international standards and domestic laws / regulations.

- Finding a unified statistical database and announcing its result for public to enhance transparency and evolving institutional policies.


  1. What is I.S.F Complaint System


An integral system for complaints against I.S.F personnel, handling and investing complaints outcome

  •  Complaint

- Written or electronic document

      - Report a misbehavior or bad attitude

- Causing direct or indirect detriment to the complainant


  1. General Principles


-Complaints with ease against ISF personnel Submitting.

- after receiving it respectfully and professionally  Direct response to the complaint.

- Protection of rights for both the complainant and violator.

- Quick and accurate procedures.

- Integrity, transparency, impartiality in investigations.

- Updating the complainant on the progress of his complaint.

- Periodic publishing of statistics, and measures taken to correct defect performance.

- Learning lessons from submitted complaints.

- Ongoing revision and evaluation of the complaint system efficiency.

- Every complaint is a chance to enhance performance and straighten attitude.   


  1. When to apply a Complaint


Every time a person finds that there is a direct or indirect detriment has effected his interest.


  1. Who submit the complaint


  • Natural person       

- Legal representative.

- Mandatory.

- Parents.


  • Moral person – legal representative



  1. Where to submit the complaint

    - General inspectorate- Complaints and investigations bureau.

- ISF General Directorate Departments: Personnel / Investigation &Inspection / Public relations / Information.

           - PPP/ Ras Beirut Station .

           - ISF website.

           - ISF territorial stations.

          - Mail.

  1. How to submit a complaint

- ISF website.

   - ISF designated department.

          - Mail.


  1. Recurrent or Malicious Complaints

- Recurrent Complaints: it is submitted over and over as if it hasbecome a habit to the complainant.

            - Malicious Complaints: it is submitted just for vexation or aspersion.


  • Examples                                                                                        


- Continuous change in the facts of the complaint or raising new issues for the sake of prolonging investigation.

- When the only goal of the complaint is to offend the reputation of the ISF or any of its personnel.


  1. Final Provisions
  • - All the personal info stated in a complaint is secret and protected.
  • - To receive any complaint with courtesy, Professionalism, and with no hesitance to enroll it.
  • - To receive female complainants by an I.S.F female, when possible.
  • - The maximum time needed to process a complaint and informing its result to the complainant is 120 days starting from the date of registry in the complaints bureau / human resources department and getting a reference number.


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