A quality operation for the Information Department, lead to abort a traffic of two tons of hashish to Turkey transported from the region of Hermel to Akkar

The Directorate General of the ISF, Public Relations Department, has published the Following notification:

On the framework of the permanent work of follow up carried out by the Information Department in the ISF, in order to unveil the networks of drugs trafficking and transportation and the arrest of its members, confirmed information were collected by this department about an operation in process for transport of a big quantity of hashish to Turkey.

Given the above, the Information Department has started its measures and further an intense work of follow up, it arrives to identify all the members of the network and among them:

AA.A born on 1989, Lebanese

AA.Z born on 1987, Lebanese.

On 17-5-2020 and further an operation of tracking, the special force of this department has arrived to arrest them on board of a white pick-up. By inspecting them, we found out a big quantity of hashish that weighs 2 tons.

By hearing them, they confessed that the seized quantity of drugs was predestinated to be smuggled to Turkey, and they have transported it from the region of Al Hermel to Bekaa.

We have taken the right measures against them, and were conducted to the competent authorities upon the request of the right judiciary.

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