Laying the foundation stone for the construction of two buildings at the ISF Institute – Barracks of the martyr Wissam Eid - Aaramoun

Under the patronage of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mrs. Raya Hafar Al Hassan, represented by the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, a ceremony was held on the afternoon of 3/5/2019, for laying the foundation stone for the construction of two buildings at the ISF Institute – Barracks of the martyr Wissam Eid - Aaramoun, which are funded by the International Bureau for Drugs and Law Enforcement at the US Embassy in Lebanon "INL".


The ceremony was attended by US Ambassador to Lebanon, Mrs. Elisabeth Richard, the Director of the Office of Drugs and Law Enforcement at the US Embassy (INL), Mr. Wesley Robertson, the Commander of the ISF Institut, General Ahmad Al Hajjar, the Head of Central Administration, General Saeed Fawaz, the Commander of the Regional Gendarmerie, General Marwan Slaylati, the Chief of the General Staff Unit, General Naim Al-Shamas, and a number of senior officers and embassy staff.


The celebration began with the Lebanese and American national anthems, it was followed by the speech of the Commander of the ISF Institute, General Ahmed Al-Hajjar, in which he addressed the objectives of the EP2 program, which are to raise the level of professionalism and knowledge of the Regional Gendarmerie personnel, and to disseminate the community policing approach in its units.


The US Ambassador Mrs. Elizabeth Richard also delivered a speech saying:


Today we are celebrating another step in our partnership to professionalize the ISF and their forces here in Lebanon. The ISF has a strategic plan, an excellent one, which we have reviewed closely with you and your officers before the Rome Conference. We have found it to be a great road map for what you will follow as you build these forces. It is an honor for us to be part of that strategic plan, and today we look at only one part of that plan. What we are doing today is to help you expand the great successes we have seen here in Beirut to include the entire country. More than 7,500 gendarmes and municipal police personnel from all over the country will be able to live, work and train here.


The EP2 program is a major part of this effort. Today, I think that what we are doing, in addition to what General Hajjar has talked, about the human capital we are trying to reach, is to look at the infrastructure that we need to improve. For us this is a meaningful contribution to this effort, to create this 5 million USD worth infrastructure. These buildings will be a state-of-the-art facility will provide you with first-class training and guidance. I believe that you will be the envy of everyone in this region. I wish to thank both officers on your command (Major General Osman and General Hajjar), and to all our fellow officers for their dedication and hope you invite me again to see the buildings completed.

thank you.


The speech of the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Osman, was as follows:


Our frequent meetings with you and those concerned at the US Embassy, ​​in particular the INL office, are either to announce a project or launch another or to launch facilities or work systems and other means of cooperation in the development of the ISF. This means that the United States of America, represented by its embassy and its offices, give special attention for the support of law enforcement agencies in Lebanon, led by the ISF through the provision of assistance and in kind donations and training to reach a high level of professionalism in its work. Our presence here at the ISF Institute today to place together a cornerstone for the two training buildings as part of the EP2 project.

Of course, this is part of our strategic plan to be implemented between 2018 and 2022, which we set in order to bring the ISF towards a model policing action that would achieve the objectives of combating terrorism and crime, and to consolidate the concept of community policing in the light of respect for human rights under the law.

Everyone sees the achievements of the Information Department, especially in the field of combating crime, terrorism and corruption by adopting high-precision methods and techniques in its work, and not to forget the results achieved by various specialized units in the ISF, including the offices of combating cybercrime, combating international thefts, combating drugs and scientific research in the Judicial Police Unit, and the inspection units in the gendarmerie and police units, as well as the special groups trained in professional detention in the concerned units and other units, which have become a milestone in typical police work. In addition to the progress and continuous development that we see in the ISF Institute; we also have the duty to preserve the personnel of this ancient institution (officers, NCOs and personnel) and strive to provide them with the living requirements for a decent life in light of what is said about the difficult financial conditions that the country is going through.

  Thank you, Ambassador, for being with us today.

In conclusion, the foundation stone was laid, and a cocktail party was held on the occasion.

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