Arrest of a drug dealing gang

The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department, issued
the following notification:
In the framework of the efforts carried out by the Information
Department in The Internal Security Forces, to prevent drug traffic
and distribution;
And based on the available information related to an operation
being prepared in Bar-Elias area, to deliver an amount of drugs to
certain people so it can be distributed in the above mentioned
On 06/03/2019, and as a result of the tracking and monitoring
operations, a patrol of The Information Department managed to
arrest the following Lebanese nationals while they were delivering
the drugs:
- W . H (Born 1993)
- H . K (Born 1998)
The following items were seized in their possession:
- 2,7 kg of Hashish
- 10.5 g of Salvia
- A firearm pistol with 5 rounds.
The investigation is still ongoing under the jurisdiction of the
competent court.

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