Information Department Arrests Three Persons for Blackmail and Drug Use


The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:

The ISF-Information Department received information relating to a citizen in Nabatieh who was a victim to sextortion and threatened that his photos of sexual nature would be published if he doesn’t respond to the blackmailers’ demands by paying an amount of 30,000 USD immediately. Moreover, he was warned not to report the case to the ISF.

Following follow-up, the Information Department managed shortly after receiving the information to determine the identity of the persons involved who were located, tracked and arrested:  

  • Aa. Aa. (D.O.B. 1992, Lebanese)
  • I. S. (D.O.B. 1985, Lebanese, female)
  • R. Aa. (D.O.B. 1992, Palestinian, female)

Interrogated, one of them admitted that he had contacted the victim from a number designated for such operations and that the arrested person A. Aa. went on communicating with the victim, while the second girl provided him with his personal and family information. After communicating for few days, photos were exchanged and then they started blackmailing and threatening him to expose him in case he refrained from paying them 30,000 USD. The three persons were arrested for blackmail and drug use and were referred to the competent judicial authorities upon their request.


Beirut, 03/12/2017



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