Fraud and Deception Gang Arrested


The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:

On 25/11/2017 and 27/11/2017 in Abra, Lebaa and Karak/Zahle regions, coordination between Bekaa and South Lebanon brigades and Haret Saida police station at the Territorial Gendarmerie lead to the arrest of the following seven gang members:

  • Aa. H. (D.O.B. 1986, stateless)
  • M. N. (D.O.B. 1986, Lebanese)
  • TH. T. (D.O.B. 1975, Lebanese)
  • H. R. (D.O.B. 1972, Syrian)
  • KH. KH. (D.O.B. 1992, Syrian)
  • R. K. (D.O.B. 1960, Lebanese)
  • L.S. (D.O.B. 1976, Syrian)

After searching the house of (H. R.) equipped with surveillance cameras, tools used in fraud operations were seized: 5 forged gold bullions, a quantity of cardboard boxes having the shape of gold bullions, a DVR device and a quantity of cocaine.

Interrogated, they admitted that they form a fraud and deception gang and that they committed many fraud operations by making their victims believe that they extract gold from a piece of land through magic sorcery and showing them forged gold bullions, and that they gained 100,000 USD in one of these operations.

It appeared that (KH. KH) is wanted by the judiciary as per a search and investigation notification for commercializing a forged currency.

The arrested persons and the seized objects were referred to Haret Saida police station  for further investigations upon the request of the competent judicial authorities.

Beirut, 02/112/2017




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