The Information Department Arrests Drug Suppliers Working for “Abou Salleh”


The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:

The ISF-Information Department pursues its intensive investigations and enquiries in order to dismantle a gang involved in drug trafficking under the command of a person known as “Abou Salleh”. The Information Department arrested two of its gang members few days ago and two others on 07/11/2017 in Mkalles region.

The two recently arrested persons are:

  • Aa. B. (D.O.B. 1980, Syrian)
  • Aa. Aa. (D.O.B. 1991, Syrian)

A huge quantity of professionally-packed drug bags ready to be commercialized (4 NET Cocaine envelopes, 37 Cocaine envelopes, 10 foreign cocaine envelopes, 4 Hashish envelopes) and around 600,000 LBP that were in their possession were seized.

Interrogated, they admitted that they used to commercialize in Mount Lebanon drugs acquired from “Abou Salleh” through a mediator and that they used to settle the payment at night.

The arrested persons and the seized items were referred to the Central Drug Repression Bureau at the Judicial Police upon the request of the competent judicial authorities.  


Beirut, 09/11/2017



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