Notification ID arrests a killer

The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:

On 09/10/2017, the named N. Aa. (born in 1961, Lebanese female national), was found strangled and slaughtered inside her apartment in Doha Aaramoun.

Immediately the Information Department mandated a special group to do the necessary investigations in order to reveal and arrest the perpetrators.

Through inspecting the crime scene the Information Department was able to visualize how and when the crime occurred, it was revealed that the motive was robbery and the investigation team suggested that a relative of the victim was involved in the crime.

As a result of intensive inquiries, the named H. Aa. (born in 1996, Lebanese) was suspected of being involved in the crime, he is the nephew of the victim.

On 24/10/2017, a patrol arrested the suspect.

Upon interrogating him, he admitted to what was attributed to him, and to conspiring with Aa. H. (born in 1986, Lebanese), who has absconded since. Hr admitted that the motive for committing the murder was robbery, and his statement matched the findings of the Department’s investigators, in addition to the match between the DNA traces from the crime scene and the samples belonging to the suspect.

Based on the instructions of the competent judicial authorities, the nephew H. Aa. Was arrested and work is under way to arrest his accomplice.

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