The Information Department Arrests a Janitor for Attempting to Sexually Assault a Woman inside Her House in Dahr Sarba

The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:


On 01/10/2017 at 7:00 A.M, a woman residing in the 5th floor of a building in Dahr Sarba region, woke up in her bed and found a man in underwear who attempted to strangle and rape her. Yet, she hit him and started yelling. Hence, the offender ran away through an opening in the bathroom loft towards the building’s clerestory. It appeared that the offender is the janitor known as Bilal (full identity unknown).

Immediately, and following intensive investigations and enquiries, a patrol from the Information Department managed within 24 hours to determine the identity and the whereabouts of the offender and it arrested him in Ghazir on 02/10/2017. The arrested person is:

  • M. B. (D.O.B. 1986, Syrian).

Interrogated, he admitted to having committed charges against him.

He was referred to the Human Trafficking Repression and Morals Protection Bureau at the Judicial Police upon the request of the competent judicial authorities.



Beirut, 04/10/2017




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