Major General BASBOUS in a Field Visit on Christmas Eve


On Christmas Eve, 24-25/12/2016, the ISF Director General, Major General Ibrahim BASBOUS, visited Beirut Police operation room then he toured the ISF concentration points and learned about measures taken in worship houses neighborhood.

Major General BASBOUS congratulated all Lebanese and citizens as well security and military forces, officers NCOs and privates altogether, who perfectly carries out their responsibilities as to maintaining order and security, especially those who are away from their families during this night in order to watch over citizens’ security and comfort.

Major General BASBOUS ordered ISF officers and members to be alert, disciplined and ethical and to treat citizens with respect.

Major General BADBOUS called upon citizens and residents all over the Lebanese territory to comply with the ISF members and to abstain from violating laws, namely the Traffic Code, such as wearing the seat belt, not exceeding the speed limit, abstaining from driving under the influence of alcohol, causing troubles or violating public peace.



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