Arresting a Gang Involved in a Kidnapping Offense


The ISF Directorate General – Public Relations Department

issued the following notification:


On 13/12/2016 at night, unknown persons kidnapped the Lebanese businessman Jamil Kozhaya EDDE (D.O.B. 1933) from his house located in Beit Mery in which he lives by himself and they fled towards an unknown destination aboard the kidnapped vehicle make Murano.

On 14/12/2016, one of the kidnapped relatives filed a claim before Broumana Section and declared that he relieved a phone call from an unknown person who asked for a $2-million-ransom to free his relative.

At once, the Information Department at the ISF Directorate General launched enquiries and follow-up operations to determine the fate of the kidnapped and free him. On 14/12/2016, his car was found in Berbara region – seaside road/Jbeil district.

Due to follow-up carried out by Bureaus of the Information Department altogether, the identity of the kidnappers was determined:

-M. Aa. (1993, Syrian)

- N. S. (D.O.B. 1984, Syrian)

- M. Aa. (D.O.B. 1993, Syrian)

The kidnappers were traced and arrested on 20/12/2016 by the Information Department in three different places (Dora – Nabaa – Fanar).

Interrogated, they admitted to having committed the kidnapping in coordination with persons in the Bekaa to whom they handed over the kidnapped in Mdeirej, who was then transported to Northern Bekaa.

After secretly following-up the kidnapping case, on 24/12/2016 the kidnapped person was freed safe and sound and was transferred to Beirut without paying any ransom.

Investigations are ongoing under the supervision of the competent judicial authorities in order to arrest all the persons involved.

Major General BASBOUS received the kidnapped person in the presence of the Head of the Information Department Major General Imad OSMAN, the Commander of the Military Security Bureau at the Information Department General Said FAWAZ, and his nephew Mr. Nabil EDDE. Making sure he is in good health, Major General BASBOUS asked him about the kidnapping circumstances and he praised the Information Department for this outstanding timely breakthrough. Moreover, he assured that the ISF will keep an eye on those who disturb the national security and the nation, and that they will deploy every effort to pursue, arrest, and bring them to justice for punishment.



Beirut, 24/12/2016






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