An international network for the traffic of drugs in the hands of the Information Department.

The Directorate General of the ISF, the Public Relations Department has published the following notification :

In the framework of its operations of high quality for the tracing and unveiling of the international networks of the drugs traffic from Lebanon,  and on the basis of information collected by the Information Department of the ISF about many persons who are packaging a big quantity of hashish in house furniture in order to prepare its transport for one of the European countries,  this department has succeeded to locate the place of packaging these products in the region of Daouhat Aramoun.

And as a result of a well prepared plan, and the operation of surveillance of the warehouse and the members of the network, this department has traced a big  truck on the date of 13-2-2020 used for the transport of house furniture. And on this moment the truck was seized and two of the network members were arrested.

M.AA born on 1973 Libanese

AA.H born on 1995 syrian

By making a raid on the truck, we seized in its interior 9342 of bags of hashish and its net weight is 442kg and we can see on its surface the Lebanese flag.

By hearing them , they confessed that they constitute a network for the traffic of drugs for outside of Lebanon. Also they declared that they had the intention to traffic the seized quantity to the Denmark via the maritime cargo. They added that they were preparing to traffic a big quantity to Libya with the same means.

The legal measures were taken against them and they have been conducted with the seized objects to the concerned authorities and inquiries are in progress in order to arrest the other members of the network.

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