Within 24 hours, the information department has executed a qualified operation that resulted the liberation of a kidnapped person and the arrest of the perpetrators

The General Directorate of the ISF, the Public Relations Department has published the following notification :

On 04/03/2020, information were collected by the Information Department of the ISF about the disappearance  of the citizen (Said.H) , his age is 62 years old , in the region of Bekaata Caza of Chouf , and he stopped his telephone , and also all contact with his family .

Immediately, sections of the concerned department started their measures in order to unveil the disappearance  , and as a result of inquiries , it appears that (Said.H) was a victim of a kidnapping operation in Bekaata and he was conducted by one of the members of the gang to an unknown direction in a way that permitted the patrols of the department to identify the persons subject of this case.

There are :

M.A (born on 1976, Syrian)

Z.A (born on 1995, Syrian )

H.A (né en 1997, Syrian )

As a result of  a work of following up , the location of an abandoned house was identified , and this house is suspected to hide the kidnapped person , in the abscess of the village of Itrine.

On 05/03/2020, a Force of the Information Department has executed an operation of tracking and we discovered the kidnapped person with his arms and foots bounded, witch urged it to give him freedom .

And further operation of  tracking the patrols of the department , they have arrested the first one and the second one in a forest in the village of Itrine. Also the third one has been arrested in the region of Damour.

Further questioning them , they confessed that they have make plan  to kidnap in order to demand a ransom. Also they confessed that they have executed the operation in Bekaata further threatening the victim with a knife. And the victim was conducted in his car and they circulated at night in order to convince him that he is in the Syrian territories . He was put in the room of a warehouse in the region of Al Slaibi. Further on, he was conducted to an abandoned  house in the village of Itrine and they had the intention to demand a ransom.

All legal measures were taken and they have been conducted to the competent jurisdiction.



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