conference on the role of civil protection services in securing tourist facilities

Under the patronage of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mrs. Raya Hafar Al Hassan, represented by the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Osman, and the presence of Ambassadors from several Arab countries, the conference on "The role of civil protection devices in securing the safety of tourist facilities", was inaugurated in the "Dubai Hall" - "Metropolitan Hotel" - Sin El Fil, from 16/7/2019 to 18/7/2019, which was organized by the Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences in cooperation with the Directorate General of Internal Security Forces.


The celebration began with the Lebanese national anthem, then the audience was welcomed by the head of the Public Relations Department, Colonel Joseph Moslem.


The speech of the President of the Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences Dr. Abdul Majeed bin Abdullah Al Bunyan:


Based on the fact that security and safety are one of the most basic requirements that the tourist needs, in order to achieve the success of tourism and prosperity and hence the importance of the availability of tourism security agencies in tourism facilities that aim to protect the three elements required by the security of tourism which are the human element, properties and facilities, and the surrounding environment and highlighted the role of the security services in general, and the civil protection services especially in achieving tourism security, and the strong relationship between tourism and security has been confirmed.


The Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences was interested in the concept of tourism security. The importance of this seminar was part of the Arab security strategies and plans approved by the Council of Arab Ministers of Interior and under the patronage of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mrs. Raya Hafar Al Hassan, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces of the Republic of Lebanon and the International organizations for Civil protection.


On this occasion, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mrs. Raya Al Hassan, for sponsoring this seminar and also to the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Osman and all the staff of the Directorate General of the ISF for their efforts and good reception and organization of the seminar. I would also like to thank the Secretary General of the International Civil Defense Organization Mr. Belkacem Electrosi for the continuous cooperation in spreading security awareness and spreading the security culture among citizens, and in exchanging experiences and information with the Arab security agencies.


Speech of the Secretary-General of the International Civil Protection Organization Belkacem Electrosi:


On behalf of the Member States and myself, I am taking this opportunity to extend to your Excellency, my sincere gratitude for your good efforts to organize and make this seminar a success. I would like to mention the Minister of the Interior and the Director General of the General Security of the Republic of Lebanon, and the Head of the Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences.


Due to the economic importance of tourism to the countries of the world and the reflected interactions at the level of international markets, and the multi-billion dollar influx of countries to make advertisements and publicities, which made it able to take a prominent place among the other financial entrances of the countries'.


Its development is closely linked to the security situation and the geopolitical conditions of the state.


In conclusion, I renew my thanks and appreciation to the Government of Lebanon and to the University of Naïf, asking God to help all of us and be in the care and preservation of God.


Speech of Major General Imad Osman:


Dear Audience,


It is a gracious occasion to gather here today in Beirut, your beloved capital, which was never out of the minds of our Arab brothers. Welcome to your city and country.


In 1978, the Arab decision to establish the Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences was a distinctive gesture in our Arab society making it the first Arab university to deal with higher studies, scientific research and training in the security fields. It has become the first Arab institution in preparing leaders and experts and refining their knowledge in these fields. Naïf University has received the full material and moral support from all the Arab countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has made the headquarters of the university in its territory, also gained the attention of the leaders of the Kingdom, all of whom we greet sincerely from the heart.


Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences and its multiple faculties has never been short with the Arab security services and has always been the pioneer in the development of specialized and distinct programs in security studies.


We are here and after the honorable step taken to hold this scientific seminar entitled "The role of civil protection services in securing the safety of tourist facilities" here in Beirut, we welcome the President of the Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences Dr. Abdul Majeed bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan and stand by him in relation to the development of the work and performance of the university to remain a leader in security sciences.


On this occasion we are saying that tourism security is inseparable from the comprehensive and complete security of the country. For the citizens, residents, tourists and every passerby on the Lebanese territory have the same security standards, and we are always strengthening security measures in public facilities, tourist and religious facilities and dangerous natural places, particularly mountain areas, ski centers and territorial waters, we also always work in coordination with the security and civil services and the concerned institutions to develop and modernize our vision in this field, so that the tourist and any person coming or visiting Lebanon will have security and good life and security conditions.


The best of what can be provided to the guest is to honor him, and we in the Internal Security Forces are keen on honoring the guests of our beloved country Lebanon by providing them with security and safety as we provide to all citizens. The Tourist Police Department, with all relevant ISF Units, take care of the tourists wherever they may be and to this end, a hotline number 1735 has been put in place to receive tourists' complaints 24 hours a day and to immediately deal with the problems as soon as possible.


We have never hesitated to preserve the security and safety of foreigners and Arab brothers in Lebanon, we give them a permanent priority and history attests to our achievements and procedures, especially what was and is being done by the ISF Information Department, which was characterized by the discovery of perpetrators of crimes, especially terrorist ones and preventing them from happening, and it is undertaking outstanding efforts in the field of inquiries and investigations under the supervision of the competent judicial authorities to protect residents, tourists and expatriates of any potential danger.


Dear guests,


The concept of security does not only begin with the security institutions, but from every home, from every family, from every father and mother; it is a culture, a civilization and a daily education that is created by every member of society.


When we educate our children on values, honesty, discipline, respect, adherence to regulations, preservation of the environment and the public money, generations will inevitably emerge with standards that can make security a given matter.


We need, we desperately need, in the beloved Arab country to re-examine what is going on in our Arab countries such as abuses and excesses of security, so that we can go back to paying the utmost attention to raising generations on the values ​​that the Arabs have long cherished to rise again in a safer and more secure environment.


Dear guests,


 The world has become a small village in the shadow of globalization and the means of electronic communication and civilizations are integrated and intertwined, we need to investigate the qualities and values ​​of good ethics and adopt them in our communities and avoid the bad ones.


Then the tourist wherever he may be in the world will be as if he was in his native country.


In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this event and appreciate the efforts exerted on it, we ask God Almighty to help us in each of our responsibilities to carry out our duties to the fullest extent to provide security in the entire world and in our dear Arab homeland in particular.


Afterwards everyone headed to a cocktail which was held for the occasion and the work of the seminar began that lasted for 3 days.

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