The 12th ISF Half Marathon 2019

  • For the 12th year in a row, the Directorate of the Internal Security Forces organizes a Half Marathon (21.1 km) sponsored by the Director General of the Internal Security Forces and under the supervision of the Lebanese Athletics Federation while this edition is titled “Together for a safer society from it’s belief of partnership between the citizen and policeman.


  • Distance: 21,1 Km.


  • Date: Sunday 7/04/2019


  •  Place: Departure and arrival “National Museum”.


  • Gathering: at 6:00am in front of the National Museum.


  • Departure: - Wheelchairs at 7:45 am.       

                                 -  Runners (males and females) at 8:00 am.

  • Track: Departure from in front of the National Museum opposite to the path of the Tareek al Sham to the intersection of Sami El Solh towards the McDonald's. Intersection of Sami El Solh Avenue and turn right towards the Tayyoune roundabout towards Jamal Abdel Nasser Avenue and to the Chatila roundabout and then turn right towards the 22nd of November Avenue to Omar Bayham Bchara Al Khoury and then going right towards Sodeco Square, And then turn right towards the avenue of the Sham to the intersection of the museum and turn right towards Abdullah Al-Yafi Avenue through the Corniche Al Mazraa and then Saa’b Salam Avenue - Avenue de Gaulle - Paris Avenue and to the intersection of Ain Al-Muraisseh (McDonald’s) towards Eben Sina Street through Zeitouna Bay - waterfront  to the intersection of The Biel towards Shafiq



  • Al-Wazzan Avenue and then turn right towards Fosh Street to Wegan Street and then turn left opposite to the traffic to the intersection of Al-Nahar newspaper and then to the intersection of the house of the Kataaeb and turn right opposite to the traffic towards Haddad Street and then turn left towards the Cedar Street passing through Pasteur and Armenia street through Al Naher road and to the intersection of Al Dkhouliya and turn right on the avenue Pierre Gemayel to the round Adliya and then to the Avenue Sami Al Soleh (To the secondary street opposite the Ministry of Industry and Oil) and return again towards the Cham road and to the National Museum where the point of arrival (according to the map attached At the end of the document)


  • Runners from different sport clubs, universities as well as solo runners,

Males and Females, 16 years old and above shall participate in the race. The Lebanese army, the I.S.F., the General Security, the State Security, the Customs, Beirut firefighting battalion and UNIFIL shall also participate in this race.


  • Categories of winners according to age group:
  • age groups for men: (16-17) (18-19 (20-34) (35-39) (40-44) (45-49)

    (50-54) (55-59) (60-64) (65-69) (70-74) (75-79) (80-84) (85 and above)

  • age groups for women: (16-17) (18-19) (20-34) (35-39) (40-44) (45-49) (50-54) (55-59) (60-64) (65 and above).
  • group of person with special needs: wheelchairs


  • Gifts: - Medal and T-shirt for every participant who end the race in less

                  than 3 hours.

                     - Trophy for the first 3 runners of every age group as well as cash

                       and other prizes.


  • Breakfast and Juice after the race.


  • Parking places are available for all participants.


- Free registration for all participants through the I.S.F site.

  All information is available at Press here for registration



You can also register via Whatsapp on the following number: 70/244140

    - Clubs can send the names of participants according to the enclosed

      table to the following e-mail


                                                                                                                               Press here to download the table                 


Numbers for the races could be picked up on 4-5-6 April 2019 at the I.S.F. compound /Gemayzeh.


- Deadline for registration: 04/04/2019


For further information, feel free to contact the following phone number:    70/244 140


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